These pictures are from roadside or near roadside ramblings we did our first couple days in Iceland. The light was  pretty and soft. I loved how I could see all the shades of white in the clouds.

Some areas have less vegetation than others because of volcanic rock. In one of the pics below, you will see a plume at the base of a mountain which is from geothermal activity. Icelanders refer to geothermal steam as reykja or smoke. Iceland has an enormous amount of geothermal activity. Geothermal heating is used in 87% of all the homes in Iceland. Geothermal power plants also make electricity. Greenhouses are located on top of geothermal areas as well, making it possible for hot crops like tomatoes to be grown with the use of grow lights to supplement daylight hours. Iceland’s location over a rift of continental plates and its high number of volcanos are the reasons for this abundant resource. In the picture below, the left side is the North American plate and the right the Eurasian plate. The rift grows about 2 cm a year, so Iceland is getting bigger! YAY!

20150626-DSCF292420150626-DSCF289020150626-DSCF289320150627-DSCF296820160219-DSC_3071 20160219-DSC_307420150627-DSCF2984This is a big waterfowl site in the summer.

March 1, 2016


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